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If you’re looking to learn more about Uzoma Okoro, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about Uzoma’s diverse professional experiences.

Summary of Okoro’s background:

  • Engineering Graduate of Cal State Maritime
  • Early career worked for EYP Mission Critical Facilities, Doctors Management Company, & Golden One Center Arena
  • Current President of Engineering of Eco Alpha Environmental & Engineering Services
  • Author of “The Cocaine Saints”
  • Producer of short film “Moses”

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Education & early experience

Melanie and Uzoma Okoro
The Okoros

He is a graduate of the California State University Maritime Academy, one of only a few maritime educational institutions in the United States. Uzoma entered the school’s mechanical engineering program in 2001 and completed it in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science degree. In his educational program, he became known for a more creative side than many of his fellow students. He was able to see past rigid engineering concepts and developed a knack for applying innovations toward solving common design problems. These skills would prove extremely valuable as he entered the professional world of mechanical engineering

EYP Mission Critical Facilities

His first role as a professional came in 2005 as a Mechanical Commissioning Agent for EYP Mission Critical Facilities. This was the first roll after his graduation. Here, he covered multiple roles. He was responsible for developing and executing hundreds of pre-functional, functional, and integrated systems tests for complex new and existing facilities. Also, utilizing his diverse skill set, he enhanced the energy efficiency and operational procedures for multiple data centers including Facebook, Microsoft, and Cisco. In 2011, he decided he was ready a new challenge.

Doctors Management Company

He was appointed to the position of Corporate Engineering Manager for The Doctors Management Company in Napa, California. The company, spanning several data centers and medical practice locations, is a multi-role medical practice management firm. Uzoma was responsible for handling all aspects of engineering, including management of engineering staff, negotiating service and vendor contracts, and serving as the liaison between vendors and the corporate heads. His keen eye for details and his creative spirit led the company toward ever-increasing market share. By streamlining business operations, the company’s data management systems were able to run at maximum efficiency. As a manager of the firm, Okoro was happy where he was, but knew he could do more. 

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Golden 1 Center Arena

Okoro's work in EngineeringIn 2014,  Uzoma Okoro was hired as a Director of Engineering for Golden 1 Center Arena, the new facility located in Sacramento, CA. This position, as referenced before, took Okoro’s career to the next level.

Okoro in Golden One Center Arena

His responsibilities were as follows:

  • Developing and overseeing service work protocols, preventative maintenance, new construction, commissioning, and more
  • Processing budgets, variance reports, and payroll
  • Supervision of dozens of engineers, contract workers, and other employees
  • Develop, distribute, and refine technical and safety documents
  • Oversee ALL engineering and related activities
  • Manage building and system warranties and permits

He learned a lot and came out with a variety of new experiences. This brings us to today’s events.

Current engineering activities

In 2017, Okoro brought together all of the lessons he had learned in the engineering field, jumping on board a new startup as the President of Engineering as a result. Eco-Alpha Environmental & Engineering Services is based in Roseville, California, and specializes in consulting, design, and construction for companies of every size.

Eco Alpha Enviornmental & Engineering logo

About Eco-Alpha

Eco-Alpha has worked with Fortune 500 firms as well as local, state, and federal governmental organizations. Uzoma and his team apply their creative skills to help clients plan, design and permit building projects. He serves as the company’s President of Engineering, managing a team of dedicated professionals who bring ideas to life while improving the infrastructure of the communities in which they work.

In a short amount of time, Okoro made a significant impact on the company as a whole. In the past, there was always a disconnect between environmental and engineering projects. Thus, he ensured Eco-Alpha was great at both — and could be a one-stop shop for both services.

The Future

Moving forward, Okoro expects excellent things from Eco-Alpha. “Ensuring the customer receives premium services is our #1 goal. In my experience, seamless service and professionalism creates, and keeps, customers”, said Okoro in a recent interview.

They are currently working with local governmental bodies to use engineering to help the local environment positively.

Uzoma Okoro: Author and Filmmaker

Although engineering can have a creative side, Uzoma Okoro was not content to rest on his laurels in this career path. He sought to expand his creativity by applying his skills to the filmmaking industry.

It started in 2009. He had a short role in a film entitled Chain Letter. When he was on set, he witnessed the beauty of filmmaking, producing, filming, and everything in between.

MOSES, a short film

MOSES, a short film exposing trafficking of young men from Africa

In 2015, Mr. Okoro wrote and directed a powerful short film entitled “Moses.” The independent movie offers a frightening look into sexual slavery, particularly among young African boys. In the film, human traffickers posing as sports agents recruit young soccer players, promising them a career in professional sport but instead sending them into slavery. The story follows Moses, played by actor Leonard Jackson. While the short film saw limited release, critics across the country graced the film with glowing reviews.  

While the short film saw limited release, critics across the country graced the film with glowing reviews.  His interview with Rolling Out magazine was a great tool to spread the word of the film. 

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Shortly after his role in a film, Okoro’s creative juices started flowing. He knew he was a talented writer, and decide to write his first novel, The Cocaine Saints.

The story uncovers the horrific situation that is going on in Mexico and South America right now with drug trades and gangs. He will continue to pursue the entertainment side of his creativity. He plans to write and direct several more films and may once again try his hand at acting.

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