- February 15, 2018

In the business startup world, traditional product-based companies have often lagged behind tech-oriented business launches due to one simple component: engineering. Tech businesses focus on the engineering of a new software suite or web-based service right from the beginning, while traditional companies tend to treat the engineering department and its expertise in product development as something that can be outsourced. Many venture capitalists and startup industry analysts agree that a new way of thinking about engineering can transform a new business venture from one that is behind its peers to one that is leading the way for others to follow.

Engineering Provides Value

It is a fact that many small business ventures do not understand the role that engineers play in the development of a new product. And, just as many businesses rely on other areas of focus to shape their operations; new law firms or real estate ventures have little need for engineering prowess. In a startup where a product is being developed, however, engineering provides tremendous value, not only for the company itself but its potential customers. A successfully-designed and specified product is critical to producing value; focus on the engineering at the beginning of the project creates an opportunity for the venture to succeed.

Recruiting and Empowering the Engineering Team

While there are many engineers on the market, finding the right ones and building a strong team are not overnight processes. Recruiting teams should concentrate on identifying the very best engineers, potentially rejecting good candidates in the process but settling on only the best. Once the team is in place, it is time to provide the foundation for success by giving the team the independence and the decision-making authority they need to flourish. With these simple tools, a strong and committed engineering department can help propel the new business venture to success.


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