- February 5, 2018

Engineering professionals that wish to seek new opportunities are flocking toward universities that offer advanced degrees. One of the degree tracks that is receiving the most attention is a master’s degree in Engineering Management and Leadership, a discipline that blends traditional engineering and business practices with cutting-edge leadership skills. Universities across the country are now beginning to offer this advanced degree.

What is Engineering Management and Leadership?

An advanced degree program in engineering management typically attracts professional engineers who have reached the top of their respective roles in companies across the country. Many of these professionals wish to increase their responsibilities in the organizations they work with, and by pursuing a master’s degree, new opportunities for career growth are produced.

A typical Engineering Management and Leadership program grants either a Master of Science (MS) or Master of Science in Engineering (MSE) with a concentration/specialization in Management to those who complete the program. Those graduates with a background in engineering receive the MSE, while students in all other backgrounds receive the MS.

What Does a Master’s in Engineering Management Include?

Typically, a Master’s degree program in Engineering Management and Leadership takes approximately 2 to 3 years to complete. Most degree programs require students to successfully complete a minimum of 30 credit hours to receive the degree; certain schools and universities may require additional credit hours, depending on specialization.

There are usually thesis and non-thesis options for graduates completing these degree programs.

A program typically combines engineering courses with business management and leadership classes, often in partnership with university business schools. Some of the business training degree candidates may receive include:

  • Operational management
  • Accounting
  • Strategic marketing and management
  • Business planning
  • Decision-making skills development

Armed with engineering knowledge and a thorough understanding of business leadership dynamics, graduates of these Master’s programs often find themselves in managerial roles, helping to shape the present and future of companies large and small.

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Written, authored and posted by Mr. Uzoma Okoro, whose extensive work in giving back can be found on CaringBridge.

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