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Welcome to’s film and media page. Aside from his professional engineering background, Okoro has not left his creative gift in the trenches. In the past 10 years, he has participated and/or created several pieces of media including publications and film. Not to be confused with the gallery page, this page will be updated with all of Okoro’s past and present projects, so please be sure to follow this website for future projects. Now, let’s get right into it!

Moses (2015)

Moses, a short film by Uzoma Okoro, follows the story of a young rising African football star who has dreams of playing for European leagues. In his blind ambition towards success, fame, and money to help his family, Moses is caught up in an American sex trafficking ring. Watch Moses fight for his life and seek the ultimate redemption in this jam-packed 20-minute film. To learn more about the film, click here.

The Cocaine Saints Preview

“The Cocaine Saints” is a historical fiction tale of a group of young children who face the tremendous hardships of modern-day Mexico littered with violence, drugs, and prostitution. The novel was written in 2011 by Uzoma Okoro, who intended to shed light on the otherwise overlooked issues facing various regions of South America today. Watch his exclusive interview below to learn more.

The Cocaine Saints Visual Trailer

View this exclusive visual trailer of Okoro’s book “The Cocaine Saints”. You can purchase the book on Amazon.

Interview with Rolling Out Magazine for Moses

Uzoma Okoro’s short film Moses was recognized in local black media outlets with rave reviews. Here, Okoro sits down with “Rolling Out” magazine to discuss Moses, the ideas behind it and how he feels black media is portrayed today. To listen to the interview in its entirety, please click the link below.

Moses a short film interview

View the full interview