Professional Timeline

Uzoma Okoro has held many roles during his career. He is best known for his engineering prowess as the founder and President of Eco-Alpha Environmental & Engineering Services in Roseville, California. A graduate of the California State University Maritime Academy and holds a degree in mechanical engineering, Uzoma has proven to be a versatile person, both as a leader, an entrepreneur, and a creative soul.

In 2009, he had his first brush with the entertainment industry when he took on a small role in an independent Russian horror movie called “Chain Letter”. The movie, directed by Deon Taylor, follows the story of a murderer who is tracking down and killing teenagers who don’t forward an online email chain letter. While the movie didn’t perform to expectations at the box office, Uzoma discovered that the filmmaking process appealed to his creative side, and he began to explore this side of his personality with more fervor.

2010 saw the release of Uzoma’s first novel, a story called The Cocaine Saints. Set in a small Mexican village, the fictional story touched on the role religion plays in everyday society. It explores the possibility that someone can be both good and bad, in some cases at the same time. Raised Catholic, Uzoma often introduces lessons of faith and spirituality on the road to redemption in his creative works.

His next project was an independent film entitled “Moses”. Mr. Okoro wrote, produced, and directed this film, which debuted at the 2015 San Francisco Black Film Festival. He even had a small acting role in the film. The story is centered on Moses, a young African soccer player portrayed by actor Leonard Jackson. In the film, human traffickers prey on young African boys, promising them a world of freedom and professional athletics but delivering them to slavery. Although the film itself saw only limited release, particularly at film festivals in California, it received incredible acclaim by the reviewers fortunate enough to attend screenings.

In 2018, he continues to assist with the growth of Eco-Alpha Engineering. Be sure to read & follow his blog to stay up-to-date.